Inspiring Talks During Entrepreneurship Workshop Organized by SCMS Cochin Leave a Lasting Impression with the Audience

SCMS Cochin School of Business recently hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for its students titled "Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights".

SCMS Cochin School of Business recently hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for its students titled "Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights". The day-long event held on 10th March, 2014 aimed to inspire participants into being future entrepreneurs and leaders in the world of business. And it sought to do that through talks from renowned entrepreneurs who have already made their journey successful ones.

The event brought together big names in the industry who instantly made a mark on the audience. Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President, Nevales Networks started off the proceedings with his remarkably interactive session. In keeping with the theme of the talk, he used presentation software developed in the Silicon Valley by a group of budding entrepreneurs, which was a nice touch in itself. He then made a point by saying that 99.9% of entrepreneurs are scared of starting something new and taking the risks necessary in the world of business entrepreneurship. Mr. Shankar then went on to address several myths that are associated with entrepreneurship, which was quite enlightening for the audience. The good thing about this talk was that the indomitable speaker often drew on his experiences to effectively support his points and to illustrate the real-world value of his statements. He shared from his personal experience as to how he once approached the International CEO of Nokia about the mobile transaction process used in India and was asked to focus on European market instead. It made sense as he explained the concept of marketing the "big" and the "small".

Mr. Shibin Kumar, MD, Head Over Wheels was the next in line and he talked about a crucial element of entrepreneurship- passion. It is something that he knows a thing or two about. After a successful career in banking, he followed his passion for automobiles and racing by setting up Head Over Wheels, an automobile detailing and performance company. "Passion is the deep desire to do something," he told the audience. "There are people who will try and detract you from your plans with the fear that you will give up on your secured life. Don't disrespect their views but use them to create a successful future for yourself."

The workshop was not only meant for future entrepreneurs but those who are already in the business world and want to take things to a new level. The next speaker, Mr. Alex K Babu, MD of Hedge Equity could relate to that since he was born into a business family. His talk focussed on risk-taking capacity as he said, "If you don't know about the investment you are going to make then don't do it. Remember the importance of setting up the process before setting goals."

When it comes to entrepreneurs, the next speaker had a rather unusual line of business. Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting, is involved with cognitive neuroscience. Understanding the complex human psyche was what got Mr. Dominic involved in his interesting field of choice. He highlighted another important point about entrepreneurship: the importance of having the right group of people around you.

That concluded the highly stimulating morning session of the day, which had only whetted the appetite of the audience. Later, they were held in rapt attention by Ms Parveen Hafeez, Managing director, Sunrise group of hospitals, as the proceedings began after a short break. Juggling both personal and professional lives is often said to be a tough task for women, but it's something Ms. Hafeez has managed wonderfully; and, according to her, it's because Sunrise hospitals are her first baby. The experiences, she said, served as valuable tips for the audience.

Mr. V.S.M Nair, MD, VMA Consultants (P) Ltd made an instant impact on the gathering as he said, "People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Having a solid business plan is important for a start-up. Lack of focus and leadership, besides a proper plan, are some of the reasons that make entrepreneurs fail in business." He then went on to talk about the issues that plague start-up companies, which were noted by the audience as they would hope to avoid similar pitfalls in the future.
Mr. Avinash Krishnan, Managing Director, Quanda Communications was the final speaker, and one who added another dimension to the event. He highlighted certain "dos and don'ts" of entrepreneurship, which in itself is the true trust of friendship, according to him. It was a poignant point to end the dialogue on the day that helped participants gain valuable insights through journeys of noted entrepreneurs.


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